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MARK ONE is the ideal kit to integrate and teaching with robotics in your institution.

Elementary and high school

MARK ONE was designed to be used by students from 5th grade of elementary school to the end of high school.


We provide support, training and consultancy to implement robotics successfully in your institution.

Why robotics in education?

Robotics are an excellent educational tool that integrates into curricular teaching and empowers it.

Playful learning

Students learn in an exploration environment full of challenges and possibilities. Each project is a new problem to solve, where they must develop strategies to address it.

Collaborative work

Learning in robotics is ideal to encourage teamwork. It helps students develop the ability to communicate their ideas, coordinate and manage their efforts.

From theory to practice

The robotic projects allow to demonstrate theoretical concepts, helping to improve their retention.

Skills for today's world

Robotics encourage the development of skills in engineering, mechanics, programming, science, logic, etc. Knowledge increasingly necessary today.

Development of motor skills

Robotics helps develop physical motor skills such as spatial perception, fine motor skills and the construction of structures.

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.”



MARK ONE is the latest version of our kit, but we also share all our developments.


It is an educational robotics kit designed to allow students to make robots in a simple and fun way.


Our first kit, from it we learned a few things to move towards MARK ONE.

Features of the kits

Based on Arduino

MARK UNO uses the Arduino UNO programmable board as a brain. Arduino has a huge community with a large amount of documentation and projects that can be applied with the kit.

Open Design

We believe that the best way to learn is to be able to know the tools in depth. We share the technical aspects of the kit so that students can know its details and understand its operation. Students also can modify the kit and adapt it to their needs.

Uruguayan development

 The kit has been designed in Uruguay by a team of industrial designers, engineers and programmers. It has received the support of several teachers and institutions in the testing and development of the product.

3D printable

The construction system was designed to be manufactured with 3D printers. This allows students to design and print their own pieces to expand the kit and adapt it to their projects.


The kit focuses on free construction, allowing students to experiment with different configurations until they reach the one that best solves their challenges.


 There is a huge variety of sensors and actuators that can be used with Arduino and that can be made compatible with the kit through simple interface boards.

Easy to program

 The kit can be programmed through a simple block interface or through more advanced programming languages.

What can be done with MARK ONE?

Below you’ll find a list of some of the functions with which you can work.

Measure distances

Follow lines

Move motors

Control an LED

Take objects

Dodge obstacles

Measure accelerations

Measure inclinations

Detect collisions

Starter Guide

If you already have your MARK ONE or want to know more about the kit, visit the starter guide.


We have a great team of designers, engineers and programmers to guide you with your queries.


We can help you in the best way to implement the robots.
In the integration of robotics and 3D printing in your school.
In design and 3D printing.
With specific projects of robotics and 3D printing.

Developments with our kit

If you have an idea that you want to develop with our kit, we can help you with that.
Special configurations
Design of specific pieces.
Incorporate sensors or actuators to the kit.


These are some of the creations of our users.

What is coming …

We are always working on improving our products, these are our current projects:
  • How to share projects – 10%
  • New modules for the robots – 15%
  • New website – 50%
  • New Sensors – 15%

Success stories

They support us

Let’s talk …

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