It is a great honor for us that the MIEM from our country Uruguay selected our product to present it to you as a gift.
MARK Robots a new and small company with BIG dreams.


We really hope you enjoy the robot MARK UNO.

Let’s get to know it a little bit more…

MARK UNO is an educational robotics kit that allows students to make robots in a simple and fun way.

The kit allows to be modified without barriers so that users can adapt it to their needs. Through their use they will be able to consolidate their knowledge, taking abstract concepts to practical applications. This makes it an excellent educational tool that gives teachers the ability to adapt their content and motivate their students, while young people can grow with their robots and experiment in fields that are highly required in today’s jobs.

The MARK UNO kit consists of 3 different modules to build robots:


These are the components that will allow you to sense and interact with the physical world.


They are all of the pieces and enclosures, that will allow you to build structures for your robots.


With these modules, you will be able to communicate with your robots and give them instructions.

Line follower

You will find your MARK, already programmed and ready to use.

This configuration of the robot is a line follower that works using 2 contrast sensors and 2 DC motors for movement, to advance on roads, adjusting its trajectory between different surfaces.

To build the robots lines to follow, you will find 9 pieces with paths that you can configure as you wish and make the robot go through them. Feel free to experiment with closed and open roads.

Note: Depending on the surface on which you build them, you may need to join the paths with some tape on the back, that should be enough.

Also this MARK has a distance sensor, that allows it to detect if an object is in front of the sensor and react. In this configuration the robot will stop until the path is suitable to continue following the line.

Change its behaviour

If you wish you can also change the behavior of the robot through a graphical programming interface or if you already know how to program with Arduino, you can start right away.
You can also visit our start guide to learn more about how the robot works and how to program it.

Starter Guide

With this robot, several concepts from different areas have been used:

  • Contrast sensors use an infrared light emitters and receiver, to determine the intensity of the reflected light of the surface right beneath them.
  • We used the distance sensor, which uses an ultrasonic wave transmitter and receiver, to know the time it takes for a wave to go and return to an object.
    Also, equations of movement have been used to define the distance, based on the time it takes for an ultrasound wave to go and return from an object, then as the speed of the waves is known, then it is possible to determine the distance of the robot to an object.

Designing and programming the behavior of a robot is a complex task that integrates several disciplines and allows learning in an environment where you learn both success and error, thanks to which it is possible to make changes quickly.

All of the phenomena that became apparent on the robot, provide teachers with an excellent chance to talk about them from a more practical experience, that students will be able to associate instantly.

It is our desire to provide tools for teachers and students to recover their motivation and desire for learning. We strongly believe that robots are a way to reach those results and that the way to integrate them requires interdisciplinary and collaborative work, with those who wish to take the challenge.

MARK Robots is a Uruguayan startup that develops open source robots for education. It has taken the path of sharing its development and collaborating with its users to adapt the solution to their needs.

It has received the support of MIEM, ANII and the Ingenio business incubator, among other institutions that helped MARK ONE to grow.

Let’s talk …

If you are interested in MARK you can get in touch with us.
Av.Italia 6201
Los Naranjos – Office 23
Montevideo, Uruguay
Ask MARK by WhatsApp
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